About Me

As a trained teacher my dad knew the importance of reading, he taught me how to read himself and ingrained the habit in my siblings and I.

He is an Mfantsipim old boy, who lives by the school Motto “Dwen hw3 kan” loosely translated “think and envision the future.”

Growing up in the 80s in Cape-Coast in the Central Region of Ghana, my dad made it a point to borrow books weekly from the library and it was mandatory to read and get new ones the following week or two.

Unbeknownst to me I was being equipped with a much needed tool i could only get from reading. The seed of my passion for story telling was sown in fertile grounds.


I recall with nostalgia writing short stories and acting it out with my sisters. I was the lead, casting director and everything in between. They found it burdensome, I was the only one who understood the vision

Just like the Israelites God has patiently  kept faith with me. A journey of forty days to the promised land took forty long years. Through the wilderness God never turned his back on them. I have been procrastinating starting a blog for years.

God has also been extremely patient with me, waiting for me to share the gift he has generously bestowed on me with the world.

I am trusting him for grace and sustenance every step of the way. I am here now, I am finally home!!!

God lit the flame, family and friends stoked the embers, and I am trusting you, my cherished readers to keep the fire burning bright ALWAYS!

                                Much love,

                                Vikki (Your story teller)


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    Storytelling is a powerful tool for positive impact and influence and that is what inspires Vikki to write the next story. She is the author of RIPPLES Original Stories.

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