Goodness you look like a rose ready to bloom “is that your attempt at a compliment”? Sonia asked in a fit of rage as she walked angrily past the young man who was trying to engage her attention. She was burnt out and frustrated after several visits to the National... Read More
I have dated six and half men, three of whom proposed marriage but the wedding never came off. Wondering who the half could be? He was a handsome hunk,I saw him just five times during the duration of our one and half year relationship. On all ocassions I literally dragged... Read More
I want time to stop, I want to relive every moment, too many beautiful memories and intentional bonding times engraved in my heart. I need a hundred lifetimes to do this. An untamable teenager with an indomitable spirit, wild,care free and having the time of her life… that was me.... Read More
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