Full Circle: The calm after the storm (Part I)

Lois my love,

We are the perfect example of what God can do with broken pieces. God is a restorer and whatever we have lost will be replaced a thousand fold.

There are so many unknowns but love will always lead. Together we can create our unique version of a beautiful fairytale.

You are deeply cherished and worth the wait.

Unending love


These words beautifully framed hang in a conspicuous corner of my office. It was a gift from my husband when I finally accepted to be his girlfriend, and a constant reminder of God’s unquestionable faithfulness and favour upon my life.

A few years ago I was an emotional wreck, I miraculously survived an attempt to end my life,I went through a nasty divorce which saw bitterness and unbridled hatred at its worst. The biggest blow was watching my mother pass away in my arms.

Three years on, I have done quiet well for myself, I finally started a business venture which was doing very well, I have almost completed my dream house and my children were doing very well.

Beneath the veneer was a broken woman who had built strong impregnable walls around every facet of her life, not ready to allow anyone in.

Close friends were now familiar acquaintances, family had very limited access and men were totally out of bounds.

My life was clearly cut out, I was looking forward to a comfortable retirement and doting on my grandchildren but God had other plans.

I got to know Laud through a business partner, he was calm,very pleasant the few times we met and made an extra effort to be nice. I was not interested in being friends and told James to inform him I was off limits.

I embarrassed Laud on Mother’s Day when I walked him out of my office with his presents. I thought that will be the last time I will ever see him again

As fate will have it, he was the guest speaker at my church’s quarterly breakfast meeting. He has had more than his share of life’s travails.

Laud’s first marriage hit the rocks after barely 8 months. He had three children from his second marriage but unfortunately tragedy struck when she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

He had to defer his PhD programme to care for her. She passed after almost 6 months.

Juggling work, school and three children under ten was a struggle even with help from his aunt who also passed on a year ago.

Despite what life had thrown at him he had a positive outlook and pleasant disposition unlike me who wore my hurts and pain on my sleeves.

I was surprised when he walked up to me after the programme to exchange pleasantries. I gave my number without hesitation when he asked, because I was ashamed the way i disrespected him a few months ago.



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