Full Circle: The calm after the storm (Part II)

Laud called to check up on me a few days later, he wanted us to do lunch but I had countless excuses as always. He got the message and gave me a breather but it was short lived.

A month later I got the most thoughtful gift from Laud. It was the business card of a celebrity personal trainer with a note which read. “Madam Lois, i will be glad to support you through your weight loss journey. Please call anytime to schedule appointments.” I have been ranting on my face book wall how I was struggling to loose weight, my ex husband throughout our marriage reminded me I was fat and shapeless. The gym was certainly not my thing, although i tried it. I had social anxiety disorder, and I got very irritated and nervous around people. I have tried every diet plan but I was just not seeing results. I called Laud to thank him, but insisted I will pay the trainer for his services. He politely suggested we discuss it over dinner. I welcomed the idea, I needed an outlet to clear my head. The previous night I had a heated argument with my ex husband who wanted our oldest child to be enrolled in a boarding school. I felt she was too young and needed close parental supervision. Laud complimented me several times which irritated me. I angrily banged the table and asked him to stop, we drew the attention of other guests, it was a full “house”, and i was expecting Laud to storm off. Instead he walked over to my seat, put his arm around me and apologized profusely for upsetting me. That was the turning point! We became great friends quickly. Laud had a certain “je ne sais quois” and it was extremely difficult to resist his charm but I was determined not to let my guard down. Laud could literally read my thoughts, he knew exactly when I needed advice for my business ,children or was feeling low and could do with some encouragement. He told me when I asked how his timing was so accurate, that when you care about someone, you learn them, observe them and understand their needs so they don’t have to ask. Laud invited my kids for his oldest son’s 10th birthday party. They all got along very well and we organized fun play dates for them subsequently. We took a trip with all the six children to the beach. The kids were having a great time as we strolled on the beach. We found ourselves holding hands and Laud asked out of the blue “ Lois what do you think about Mrs Darkinson-Ankrah”? . It’s a lovely family name i responded. You can have it for keeps then,Laud remarked jokingly. We both went quiet, for ten minutes. I knew Laud loved me, my heart was ready but my mind was still holding back.

A week later Laud was out of town, I sent a text to ask if Mrs Darkinson-Ankrah was still up for grabs? His response totally crumbled my well fortified walls. That is how we became an item and Laud took things to a whole new level. He always talked about plans he had for our six children, he supported me to start two new businesses,he prayed with and showered me with so much affection and kindness. I decided to surprise the man who has given me every reason to love again a beautiful surprise on his birthday, on Christmas Eve, I was in for a bigger surprise. I invited close family and business associates, Laud was very happy and gave a touching appreciation speech. Before he ended he went on one knee and proposed.

“My dearest Lois I want this day to mark the beginning of the fairytale we will create together, before our six precious children, family and friends please do me the honour and marry me.” “Yes yes yes with all my heart I will be your wife, Dr Laud Darkinson-Ankra” I responded beaming with broad smiles. I had peace and it felt so right. The most touching part of the evening was when our six children gave me a sash they made and decorated with beautiful inscriptions——Bride to be, soon to be Mrs D, mum of six, we love you mummy, one big family. As i pondered on the surprise turned bigger surprise a text from Laud got me teary.

“ My beautiful bride to be,I knew this day will come and looked forward to it with patience. We will entrust our union into God’s hands and allow him to lead. I love you with all of me and all I have. Please get some rest, we have a wedding to plan and six kids to raise.”

Your groom to be. I never imagined love will ever find me this way. God has indeed given me beauty for ashes.



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