Diamond in the rough

Goodness you look like a rose ready to bloom “is that your attempt at a compliment”? Sonia asked in a fit of rage as she walked angrily past the young man who was trying to engage her attention. She was burnt out and frustrated after several visits to the National Service Secretariat to change her posting. She wanted to be in Kumasi where she lived or at worst a town close by for her one year mandatory National Service. Sonia was the sole carer of her ailing mother and she needed to stay in close proximity to keep an eye on her.

A chance meeting with an old friend later in the day gave her hope and a reason to try one more time to change her posting. Life has a way of humbling us, Sonia taught to herself as she tried to avoid eye contact with the man she rudely snubbed a few days ago….. he was the one her friend suggested she goes to talk to.

Ryan went out of his way to make a case for Sonia, he never referred to the embarrassing incident. Her posting was eventually changed to a town near Kumasi on exceptional humanitarian grounds. Sonia felt obliged to be civil with Ryan, he lived in the town where Sonia worked. It was obvious Ryan wanted to be more than a mere acquaintance.

Everything about Ryan was a put off for Sonia. She found him unnecessarily friendly, his speech was slurred, he was not tall enough, too fair and rather lanky. What annoyed her most was his signature hair cut which could never be missed in a thick crowd. His heavy rimmed spectacles got Sonia upset any time their paths crossed.

Sadly Sonia lost her mother after a long battle with chronic liver disease. She was distraught and inconsolable. Ryan was present, he grieved and mourned with her. He supported her every way he could when he knew Sonia didn’t want him close. Sonia started avoiding him completely, she insisted she needed space. Ryan was heart broken when he found out Sonia was dating a business man who had just returned from Germany.

Everything happened so fast, Sonia was getting married just four months after meeting Mr Osafo. News churning from the rumour mill was that he was married with four kids in Accra.

Sonia paid no attention, she was in love with the perfect man of her dream… the only thing that occupied her thoughts was the day she will become Mrs Osafo.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Diamond in the rough


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