When A Man Loves A Woman

I want time to stop, I want to relive every moment, too many beautiful memories and intentional bonding times engraved in my heart. I need a hundred lifetimes to do this.

An untamable teenager with an indomitable spirit, wild,care free and having the time of her life… that

was me.

I ended up with three unplanned pregnancies. The father of my third child, i am still unsure.

You on the other hand… a perfect gentleman in every sense of the word. At a young age you had your life mapped out. No sex till marriage, An A star student,built three businesses from scratch, a lover of God, and the best son every parent could ask for.

A chance meeting, our eyes met, sparks flew and till today I still see that sparkle and joy in your eyes. You broke the hearts of many, especially your parents when you introduced me to them.

Ryan,i was ready to let go, they were right, you deserved better but you loved me even more intensely back into your loving arms. “ When a man truly loves a woman he loves her as Christ loves the church. He builds her, nourishes her, defends her, protects her and presents her without blemish.”

This has always been your response when i am gripped with fear and overwhelmed with the many what ifs. You have loved me with intensity and fervent passion for 15 beautiful years. You have taken every blow with maturity and grace,cushioned every missed step and spoken calm and peace over every raging storm.

Ryan i have lost count of the many times you have assured me, you love me beyond my flaws and ugly past. You insisted on legally adopting my children, the way you loved them was enough but typical of you, the extra mile is your barest minimum.

Ryan Rudolph Dadson, I see the love of God through your actions.., each one of them. Your love is rare, extraordinary, so genuine and truly pure. Ryan you have never convinced me true love is real, you have made it your life’s purpose to prove it not with just empty words…. every day i experience how selfless and beautiful love could be.

You led me to God without a word, i was so eager and anxious to know him because he is your source and his word has moulded you into the incredible man that you are.

I have so much to say, so much more, but i know you see my heart, the heart you guard jealousy with every ounce of your soul, the heart you turned around to love God, the heart you vowed to cherish and honour…… R.R, you have outdone yourself loving me so right.

Happy 45th to a lover extraordinaire. Happy 45th to the man I could only dream of,thankfully my daily reality.

Happy 45th to an exemplary father,

Happy 45th to a godly husband in the truest sense.

PS:the card is wet with tears of joy, it’s always like this year after year. What a man what a friend indeed, what a lover.



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