Dead silence, all I could hear was retreating footsteps, it felt like he was already gone, my heart was heavy, I was in deep anguish. Pete had asked that I give him space to process everything, hard as it was i respected his wish. The prognosis was bad, as a... Read More
I have been coming home early lately, I don’t hang out with the “boys”anymore, well not as much. The kids are my top most priority, family first! Everything you spoke about so passionately makes perfect sense. Now I realize albeit belatedly you meant well. Everyday I sit in the driveway... Read More
Debonair, dapper and dashing… Kojo Kwarteng, was not called 3D for fun, he lived and breathed it to the fullest. His impeccable dress sense coupled with his charming personality and good looks got ladies falling over each other just to catch his attention.... Read More
Charles stood in the hallway way stupefied, he was struggling to come to terms with what had just happened. For the first time in twelve years Avery stood up to him with fearless venom. She stopped him from hitting her, held his hand with a firm grip, looked straight into... Read More
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