Snowflakes and Harmattan Pawpaw

Debonair, dapper and dashing… Kojo Kwarteng, was not called 3D for fun, he lived and breathed it to the fullest. His impeccable dress sense coupled with his charming personality and good looks got ladies falling over each other just to catch his attention.

Deception, dishonesty and an utter disregard for women got the best part of him. He broke countless hearts with reckless abandon and made marriage promises on a whim… he knew what women loved to hear. Kojo had multiple names and personalities to aid his romance scums which raked in hefty sums of money.

His target was rich, spoilt young women who had more than enough money to go round and needed a good dose of loving. Successful women desperate for the coveted title of “Mrs Somebody” were also of immense interest. Kojo’s evil deeds were carefully covered up with many business ventures he rarely paid attention to.

A determined Cupid still found it’s way to Kojo…. actually on two ocassions. He was in love with two women… one in the English Midlands, a successful Investment Analyst and the other in Ghana, daughter of a business tycoon who was doing well for herself… she runs a thriving law practice.

Ama Kesewa on a snowing Saturday evening reluctantly decided to finally listen in to a Ghanaian radio show “ The Four Corners of Love”. A colleague at work an ardent listener had been on her case for months literally forcing her to listen in because as she puts it there is so much to learn from how to navigate the murky terrain of love from the show.

A lady who called in with an anonymous name “Harmattan pawpaw” caught the attention of Ama Kesewa. She wanted advice on the way forward with her fiance who was great but most times inconsistent and leaves town at short notice with reasons she did not find plausible.

She decided to do the unthinkable…. Ama K contacted producers of the the show, she wanted their help to establish contact with “Harmattan Pawpaw”. It took a while but it finally happened.

Their communication online was awkward initially .They were strangers and their line of work made both of them super cautious. Ama kesewa decided to “dive into the deep end”and open up about her personal life… she trusted her instincts.

When she mentioned her fiancé had called her “harmattan pawpaw” instead of snow flakes(his pet name for her) Akua Boatemaa knew immediately Ama K was the missing part of the mysterious puzzle she has strained ever nerve to unravel. They were in two continents, miles apart but very connected… they were both in love with the same man.

Instead of fighting over who is stealing whose man, Snow flakes and Harmattan pawpaw as their fiancé affectionately calls them hatched the perfect plan…. Playing the player.


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